The official start date of the rally is always on Friday.  However, many MTR rally goers like to get their favorite camping spots and get the party cranking early in the week.  In order to accommodate this “party fever”, MTR offers early admission for those who want to arrive early.
If you arrive on SATURDAY before the official start date your Entry Fee is $110
If you arrive SUNDAY –       $100
If you arrive MONDAY –       $90
If you arrive TUESDAY –        $80
If you arrive WEDNESDAY – $70
If you arrive THURSDAY –     $60
If you arrive FRIDAY –             $50   (official start date)
If you arrive SATURDAY –      $30
Upon payment of the Entry Fee, an armband will be placed on you.  This armband allow for re-entry throughout the rally.  DO NOT LOSE YOUR ARMBAND! Or you will be required to purchase another one.
Sorry, there are NO one day passes.  Meaning – if you can only come on Thursday but have to leave on Friday – your cost is still $60. No one day passes – NO NO NO – Don’t waste your breath asking.